Welcome To Sandiebeach

We are Sandiebeach, on a mission to combine travel, trend and tradition, creating a cohesive and connected community.

Co-founded by Jennifer Sandie Squibb and Jacob Ferraioli, who collectively spent 18 years immersed in the vibrant culture of Thailand, they discovered a gap in the availability of Thai streetwear beyond its borders.

That's why they started Sandiebeach - passionate about bringing the famous Thai streetwear to you whenever, wherever you are. Ensuring that authenticity, quality and comfort are never compromised.
Whether you’re a traveler, fashion lover, or just want a touch of Thailand in your wardrobe, Sandiebeach has you covered. Embrace the beauty of cultural fusion with our high-quality apparel. Explore our collection now and let your style tell a story!

Jenny & Jacob (our founders)

Jenny grew up in the UK until she was 15 years old, she then moved to Thailand until she was 18. Jacob grew up in Thailand until he was 18 years old. Jenny and Jacob met in the heart of Thailand, Bangkok.

After a few months, they journeyed off to England together at the age of 18. Only a few days into their stay, Jenny and Jacob were wearing their Thai elephant pants while walking through busy Tottenham Court Road. They couldn't help but notice the curious glances from people seeing elephant pants in the west. Even a bypasser made a comment, “Look, elephant pants!” This fueled their mission to bring Thai elephant pants beyond the borders of Thailand and into the world!